staffordshire archive service logo The Staffordshire collection is a unique set of records spanning baptisms, banns, marriages and burials which provides details of the history of Staffordshire and its people.

Since its foundation, the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service has been responsible for the records of Staffordshire parishes. The very first deposit of records obtained by Staffordshire Record Office in 1947 was from the parish of Hamstall Ridware. Registers included in this collection are all held by the Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Archive Service. Registers for those few Staffordshire parishes deposited with other archive services are not included in this collection.

At present the images for the collection are black and white digital copies of microfilm records but colour digital images created from paper originals will be added in due course, expanding the collection considerably so if you can't find your ancestor now there's a good chance they will be here soon.

The records cover almost 200 Staffordshire parishes. A full list is below.

Staffordshire baptisms places/parishes

Place/parish FromTo
Acton Trussell, St James15711901
Adbaston, St Michael16001901
Aldridge, St Mary the Virgin16471901
Alrewas, All Saints15471876
Alstonefield, St Peter15381812
Alstonfield, St Peter18131849
Alton, St Peter16811892
Ashley, St John the Baptist15511900
Audley, St James The Great15381868
Bagnall, St Chad18001901
Baswich or Berkswich15431878
Baswich or Berkswich, Holy Trinity18801901
Berkswich, Holy Trinity16011847
Betley, St Margaret18791901
Biddulph, St Lawrence15581901
Bilston, St Leonard16841876
Bilston, St Luke18481901
Bilston, St Lukes15741876
Blakenall Heath, Christ Church18711900
Blithfield, St Leonard15381876
Blore Ray, St Bartholomew15581902
Bloxwich, All Saints17331900
Blurton, St Bartholomew18131877
Blymhill, Holy Cross  
Blymhill, St Mary15611901
Bobbington, Holy Cross15401812
Bradley, St Mary & All Saints15401876
Bramshall, St Lawrence15871904
Brown Edge, St Anne18451901
Bucknall, St Mary17581900
Burntwood, Christ Church18201901
Burslem, St John16401901
Burslem, St Paul18311901
Burton on Trent, Holy Trinity18241901
Burton Upon Trent, Holy Trinity15381866
Burton upon Trent, St Modwen17641921
Calton, St Mary17621902
Cannock, St Luke18111879
Castle Church, St Mary15671878
Cauldon, SS Mary & Lawrence16531876
Caverswall, St Peter15521895
Chebsey, All Saints17131869
Checkley, St Mary & All Saints16231835
Chesterton, Holy Trinity18461901
Church Eaton18751901
Church Eaton, St Editha15481887
Cobridge, Burslem18401857
Codsall, St Nicholas15871876
Colton, St Mary the Virgin16471900
Coppenhall, St Lawrence16781812
Darlaston, St George18451901
Darlaston, St Lawrence15391883
Draycott-Le-Moors, St Margaret16691842
Dresden, Resurrection18531900
Dunstall, St Mary18541880
Dunston, St Leonard18531876
Eccleshall, Holy Trinity15731812
Edensor, St Paul18491901
Edingale, Holy Trinity15771876
Elford, St Peter15581812
Endon, St Luke17301901
Enville, St Mary16271853
Essington, St John the Evangelist18731901
Etruria, St Matthew18471876
Forton, All Saints15721902
Fradswell, St James the Less15781876
Gayton, St Peter15941831
Gnosall, St Lawrence18281900
Goldenhill, St John the Evangelist18131901
Gratwich, St Mary18131906
Great Wyrley, St Mark18451901
Grindon, All Saints16971880
Hammerwich, St John The Baptist17201899
Hamstall Ridware18131879
Hamstall Ridware, St Michael & All Angels15991812
Hanbury, St Werburgh15741864
Hanley, St John17891901
Hanley, St Luke18481900
Hartshill, Holy Trinity18421876
Haughton, St Giles15691866
Heath Town, Holy Trinity18521901
Hednesford, St Peter18651901
Hope, Holy Trinity18481901
Horninglow, St John the Divine18661901
Ilam, Holy Cross16561812
Ipstones, St Leonard15631900
Keele, St John the Baptist15401876
Kings Bromley, All Saints16731852
Kingstone, St John the Baptist18131873
Kinver, St Peter15601901
Knutton, St Mary18731901
Lapley, All Saints15381901
Leek, St Edward16331855
Leek, St Luke18491901
Leigh, All Saints15411901
Longdon, St James16871872
Longton, St James18341900
Longton, St John17641901
Madeley, All Saints16811876
Marchington, St Peter17491897
Marston, St Leonard17671877
Mavesyn Ridware, St Nicholas15381900
Mayfield, St John the Baptist15761901
Meerbrook, St Matthew17191900
Milwich, All Saints15731855
Mow Cop, St Thomas18421876
Moxley, All Saints18381901
Mucklestone, St Mary15551863
New Chapel, St James17271876
Newborough, All Saints16561899
Newcastle under Lyme, St Giles15631901
Northwood, Holy Trinity18481901
Norton Canes, St James15681882
Norton le Moors, St Bartholomew15761876
Ogley Hay with Brownhills, St James15591876
Onecote, St Luke18131885
Oulton, St John the Evangelist & All Saints18781901
Patshull, St Mary15591838
Pelsall, St Michael & All Angels17461900
Penkhull, St Thomas18431900
Penkridge, St Michael & All Angels15751876
Penn, St Bartholomew15711876
Pipe Ridware, St James15721901
Ranton, All Saints16561877
Rolleston, St Mary15691902
Rugeley, St Augustine15691901
Rushall, St Michael16861894
Saint Mary, Stafford18011856
Salt, St James18431878
Sandon, All Saints16351843
Seighford, St Chad15611876
Shenstone, St John The Baptist15791860
Silverdale, St Luke18531900
Stafford, Christ Church18391900
Stafford, St Chad16361876
Stafford, St Mary15591900
Stafford, St Paul18841896
Stafford, St Paul (Forebridge)18441876
Stafford, St Thomas (Castletown)18661876
Stone, Christ Church18401901
Stonnall, St Peter18231901
Stowe by Chartley, St John the Baptist15771876
Stramshall, St Michael & All Angels18541900
Stretton, St John16591876
Tamworth, St Editha15561901
Tatenhill, St Mary & All Angels15631849
Tatenhill, St Michael & All Angels16321650
Tettenhall Regis, St Michael & All Angels16021876
Tettenhall Regis, St Michael & All Saints16991701
Tettenhall Wood18801900
Tettenhall Wood, Christ Church18681876
Tipton, St Martin15731889
Tipton, St Paul18391901
Tixall, St John the Baptist17071812
Tunstall, Christ Church18321900
Tunstall, St Mary16521900
Uttoxeter, St Mary15961901
Walsall Wood18791900
Walsall Wood, St John18371877
Walsall, St Andrew18831901
Walsall, St George18781901
Walsall, St John18581901
Walsall, St Paul18851901
Walsall, St Peter18361901
Warslow With Elkstone17851902
Waterfall, SS James & Bartholomew16021859
Wednesfield, St Thomas17511900
Weeford, St Mary15621890
West Bromwich, Christ Church18281899
West Bromwich, St Peter18581900
West Bromwich, St Philip18921901
Weston on Trent, St Andrew15881876
Weston under Lizard, St Andrew17021877
Wetton, St Margaret16571872
Whitgreave, St John18441878
Wigginton, St Leonard18371901
Willenhall, St Giles16421901
Willenhall, St Stephen17631901
Wolstanton, St Margaret16281901
Wolverhampton, Christ Church18611876
Wolverhampton, St George18491876
Wolverhampton, St James18431876
Wolverhampton, St Luke18971901
Wolverhampton, St Mark18491901
Wolverhampton, St Mary18341876
Wolverhampton, St Matthew15701900
Wolverhampton, St Peter16031875
Wombourne, St Benedict Biscop17021872
Wychnor, St Leonard17331812
Yoxall, St Peter16441900

Staffordshire banns places/parishes

Acton Trussell, St James17981798
Adbaston, St Michael17831785
Aldridge, St Mary the Virgin1754 
Alrewas, All Saints17541802
Alstonefield, St Peter17541876
Alton, St Peter17541808
Ashley, St John the Baptist17561837
Audley, St James The Great17541773
Bagnall, St Chad18721900
Barlaston, St John The Baptist17541789
Baswich or Berkswich, Holy Trinity17541843
Betley, St Margaret18241881
Biddulph, St Lawrence17621762
Blakenall Heath, Christ Church18951895
Blithfield, St Leonard  
Blurton, St Bartholomew18651865
Blymhill, St Mary17541871
Bobbington, Holy Cross17551781
Bradley, St Mary & All Saints17581877
Bucknall, St Mary17391812
Burslem, St John17541789
Burslem, St Paul18451876
Burton upon Trent, St Modwen17541809
Cannock, St Luke18091875
Castle Church, St Mary17551876
Cauldon, SS Mary & Lawrence17841784
Caverswall, St Peter17561783
Chebsey, All Saints18101810
Checkley, St Mary & All Saints  
Cheddleton, St Edward17541817
Church Eaton, St Editha17541875
Codsall, St Nicholas17541811
Colton, St Mary The Virgin17551810
Croxden, St Giles17911791
Darlaston, St Lawrence17541797
Dilhorne, All Saints17551813
Draycott in the Moors, St Margaret1755 
Eccleshall, Holy Trinity16531820
Edingale, Holy Trinity16591811
Elford, St Peter17561767
Enville, St Mary17551773
Farewell, St Bartholomew18051810
Forton, All Saints17551794
Fradswell, St James the Less16561656
Gayton, St Peter18041822
Gnosall, St Lawrence17541811
Gratwich, St Mary1758 
Hammerwich, St John The Baptist18261832
Hamstall Ridware, St Michael & All Angels17571812
Hanbury, St Werburgh17541876
Haughton, St Giles17541876
Ilam, Holy Cross17611809
Ipstones, St Leonard1760 
Keele, St John the Baptist17541878
Kings Bromley, All Saints17551832
Kinver, St Peter17551876
Lapley, All Saints16541769
Leek, St Edward16541803
Leigh, All Saints17561876
Longdon, St James1754 
Madeley, All Saints18231868
Marchington, St Peter17001812
Mavesyn Ridware, St Nicholas17891789
Mayfield, St John the Baptist1792 
Milwich, All Saints18121812
Moxley, All Saints18511876
Mucklestone, St Mary17801780
Newborough, All Saints17971806
Newcastle under Lyme, St Giles17601760
Norton Canes, St James17571812
Norton Le Moors, St Bartholomew18231851
Okeover, All Saints17591888
Patshull, St Mary1764 
Pattingham, St Chad17541812
Penkridge, St Michael & All Angels1755 
Penn, St Bartholomew17541808
Pipe Ridware, St James17931794
Rolleston, St Mary17721777
Rugeley, St Augustine17601876
Rushall, St Michael17551839
Seighford, St Chad17561811
Shenstone, St John the Baptist17561806
Stafford, St Chad1777 
Stafford, St Mary16561857
Stafford, St Thomas (Castletown)18681876
Stowe by Chartley, St John the Baptist1752 
Stretton, St John17561882
Tamworth, St Editha1754 
Tettenhall Regis, St Michael & All Angels16541800
Tettenhall Wood, Christ Church18681876
Tixall, St John the Baptist17641881
Trentham, St Michael & All Saints1754 
Tutbury, St Mary17541776
Uttoxeter, St Mary17541812
Waterfall, SS James & Bartholomew17641823
Weeford, St Mary17671779
Weston on Trent, St Andrew1711 
Weston under Lizard, St Andrew17541812
Wetton, St Margaret18231877
Willenhall, St Stephen18541858
Wolstanton, St Margaret17541812
Wolverhampton, St Peter16531860
Wombourne, St Benedict Biscop17641808
Yoxall, St Peter18001823

Staffordshire marriages places/parishes

Acton Trussell, St James17071836
Adbaston, St Michael16001901
Aldridge, St Mary the Virgin16601901
Alrewas, All Saints15481876
Alstonefield, St Peter15431808
Alstonfield, St Peter18081891
Alton, St Peter16811883
Ashley, St John the Baptist15511900
Aston With Burston, St Saviour18471900
Audley, St James The Great15381875
Bagnall, St Chad18021901
Baswich Or Berkswich15381876
Baswich or Berkswich, Holy Trinity18371837
Bednall, All Saints18371837
Berkswich, Holy Trinity16011837
Betley, St Margaret18131900
Biddulph, St Lawrence15601900
Bilston, St Leonard16101900
Bilston, St Mary16601900
Blakenall Heath, Christ Church18731900
Blithfield, St Leonard15391856
Blore Ray, St Bartholomew15591944
Bloxwich, All Saints17361900
Blurton, St Bartholomew17541876
Blymhill, St Mary15611900
Bobbington, Holy Cross15381837
Bradley in the Moors, St Leonard18151900
Bradley, St Mary & All Saints16361876
Bramshall, St Lawrence15871900
Broughton, St Peter18411900
Brown Edge, St Anne18451900
Bucknall, St Mary17651900
Burntwood, Christ Church18451901
Burslem, St John16401902
Burslem, St Paul18451902
Burton on Trent, Holy Trinity15441901
Burton Upon Trent, St Modwen17541900
Cannock, St Luke17551876
Castle Church, St Mary15671876
Cauldon, SS Mary & Lawrence16981877
Caverswall, St Peter15601901
Chebsey, All Saints17551837
Checkley, St Mary & All Saints16261901
Cheddleton, St Edward18661876
Chesterton, Holy Trinity18521901
Church Eaton, St Editha15571876
Codsall, St Nicholas15871876
Colton, St Mary The Virgin16481901
Coppenhall, St Lawrence16841883
Darlaston, St George18531900
Darlaston, St Lawrence15391885
Draycott-Le-Moors, St Margaret16721837
Dresden, Resurrection16721901
Eccleshall, Holy Trinity15781845
Edensor, St Paul18451901
Edingale, Holy Trinity15791901
Elford, St Peter15591751
Endon, St Luke17331901
Enville, St Mary16271901
Etruria, St Matthew18371900
Forton, All Saints15721900
Fradswell, St James the Less15791837
Gayton, St Peter15951785
Gnosall, St Lawrence17541900
Goldenhill, St John the Evangelist18491900
Gratwich, St Mary18391903
Great Wyrley, St Mark18461903
Grindon, All Saints16981837
Hammerwich, St John The Baptist17271900
Hamstall Ridware17541900
Hamstall Ridware, St Michael & All Angels16011754
Hanbury, St Werburgh15741837
Hanley, St John18371900
Hanley, St Luke18541900
Hartshill, Holy Trinity18461876
Haughton, St Giles15721834
Heath Town, Holy Trinity18531900
Hednesford, St Peter18701900
Hope, Holy Trinity18501900
Horninglow, St John the Divine18671900
Ilam, Holy Cross16571836
Ipstones, St Leonard15631900
Keele, St John the Baptist15431900
Kings Bromley, All Saints16731900
Kingstone, St John the Baptist17551876
Kinver, St Peter15601900
Knutton, St Mary18751900
Lapley, All Saints15381900
Leek, St Edward16331862
Leek, St Luke18481900
Leek, St Peter16621680
Leigh, All Saints15511900
Little Aston18771901
Longdon, St James16891841
Longton, St James18371900
Longton, St John18661901
Madeley, All Saints16821901
Marchington, St Peter17501843
Marston, St Leonard18411876
Mavesyn Ridware, St Nicholas15381899
Mayfield, St John the Baptist15771900
Meerbrook, St Matthew17441900
Milwich, All Saints15741873
Mow Cop, St Thomas16691876
Moxley, All Saints18371900
Mucklestone, St Mary15561900
Newborough, All Saints16021834
Newcastle under Lyme, St Giles15631900
Newchapel, St James17421876
Northwood, Holy Trinity18491901
Norton Canes, St James15631885
Norton le Moors, St Bartholomew15761876
Ogley Hay with Brownhills, St James18541900
Okeover, All Saints17561887
Oulton, St John the Evangelist18801900
Patshull, St Mary15691835
Pattingham, St Chad15591839
Pelsall, St Michael & All Angels18491901
Penkhull, St Thomas18451900
Penkridge, St Michael & All Angels15721901
Penn, St Bartholomew16011898
Pipe Ridware, St James15631894
Ranton, All Saints16551876
Rolleston, St Mary17251900
Rugeley, St Augustine15691876
Rushall, St Michael17151900
Sandon, All Saints16351884
Seighford, St Chad15621837
Shenstone, St John The Baptist15791837
Silverdale, St Luke18561900
Stafford, Christ Church18451900
Stafford, St Chad16361877
Stafford, St Mary15591900
Stafford, St Paul18861900
Stafford, St Paul (Forebridge)18441876
Stafford, St Thomas (Castletown)18681876
Stone, Christ Church18451900
Stone, St Michael18371901
Stonnall, St Peter18461900
Stowe by Chartley, St John the Baptist15771877
Stramshall, St Michael & All Angels18551901
Stretton, St John16761837
Tamworth, St Editha15571845
Tatenhill, St Mary & All Angels15631754
Tettenhall Regis, St Michael & All Angels16021875
Tettenhall Wood, Christ Church18681876
Tettenhall, St Michael & All Angels18951900
Tipton, St Martin15591900
Tipton, St Paul18531900
Tixall, St John the Baptist17081900
Trentham, St Michael & All Saints17551900
Tunstall, Christ Church18381900
Tunstall, St Mary18821900
Tutbury, St Mary17061876
Uttoxeter, St Mary15961900
Walsall Wood18901900
Walsall Wood, St John18451876
Walsall Wood, St Johns18921894
Walsall, St Andrew18891901
Walsall, St George18781901
Walsall, St John18601901
Walsall, St Paul18751900
Walsall, St Peter18451900
Warslow With Elkstone18701900
Waterfall, SS James & Bartholomew16031876
Wednesfield, St Thomas18491901
Weeford, St Mary15631900
West Bromwich, Christ Church18371898
West Bromwich, St Peter18611900
West Bromwich, St Philip19001900
Weston on Trent, St Andrew15921837
Weston under Lizard, St Andrew17041900
Wetton, St Margaret16621912
Whitgreave, St John18461877
Wigginton, St Leonard18511912
Willenhall St Giles, St Giles17531761
Willenhall, St Giles18411900
Willenhall, St Stephen18121876
Wolstanton, St Margaret16281901
Wolverhampton, Christ Church18491876
Wolverhampton, St Andrew18711896
Wolverhampton, St George18341876
Wolverhampton, St James18491876
Wolverhampton, St Luke18771901
Wolverhampton, St Mark18491900
Wolverhampton, St Mary18491876
Wolverhampton, St Matthew15701900
Wolverhampton, St Peter16031851
Wombourne, St Benedict Biscop17041849
Wychnor, St Leonard17311876
Yoxall, St Peter16831900

Staffordshire burials places/parishes

Acton Trussell, St James16161902
Adbaston, St Michael16001902
Aldridge, St Mary the Virgin15741900
Alrewas, All Saints15471869
Alstonefield, St Peter15381812
Alstonfield, St Peter18131876
Alton, St Peter16811868
Ashley, St John the Baptist15511857
Audley, St James The Great15391867
Bagnall, St Chad18341900
Baswich or Berkswich15381876
Berkswich, Holy Trinity16011812
Betley, St Margaret18131876
Biddulph, St Lawrence15591901
Bilston, St Leonard15511893
Bilston, St Mary18481901
Blithfield, St Leonard15381876
Blore Ray, St Bartholomew15581812
Bloxwich, All Saints17331900
Blurton, St Bartholomew18121876
Blymhill, Holy Cross18131877
Blymhill, St Mary15611812
Bobbington, Holy Cross15381812
Bradley, St Mary & All Saints16811876
Bramshall, St Lawrence15871904
Brown Edge, St Anne18451904
Bucknall, St Mary17631900
Burntwood, Christ Church18201901
Burslem, St John16431903
Burslem, St Paul18311901
Burton on Trent, Holy Trinity15381901
Burton upon Trent, St Modwen17641912
Cannock, St Luke18111876
Castle Church, St Mary15731876
Cauldon, SS Mary & Lawrence16981876
Caverswall, St Peter15521901
Chebsey, All Saints17131750
Checkley, St Mary & All Saints16231902
Cheddleton, St Edward18131876
Chesterton, Holy Trinity18521900
Church Eaton, St Editha15481876
Codsall, St Nicholas15871901
Colton, St Mary The Virgin16471902
Darlaston, St George18521906
Darlaston, St Lawrence15391854
Draycott-Le-Moors, St Margaret16781812
Dresden, Resurrection18531901
Eccleshall, Holy Trinity15731848
Edensor, St Paul18481901
Edingale, Holy Trinity15771812
Elford, St Peter15581876
Endon, St Luke17311901
Enville, St Mary16271866
Etruria, St Matthew18491881
Forton, All Saints15721885
Fradswell, St James the Less15801881
Gayton, St Peter15931879
Gnosall, St Lawrence18131888
Goldenhill, St John the Evangelist18411882
Great Wyrley, St Mark18461887
Grindon, All Saints16971903
Hammerwich, St John The Baptist17261900
Hamstall Ridware18121900
Hamstall Ridware, St Michael & All Angels16001812
Hanbury, St Werburgh15741876
Hanley, St John18271879
Hartshill, Holy Trinity18431876
Haughton, St Giles15691877
Heath Town, Holy Trinity18521901
Hednesford, St Peter18681901
Horninglow, St John the Divine18661901
Ilam, Holy Cross16561812
Ipstones, St Leonard15631894
Keele, St John the Baptist15401876
Kings Bromley, All Saints16731894
Kingstone, St John the Baptist18131876
Kinver, St Peter15601901
Knutton, St Mary18741902
Lapley, All Saints15381902
Leek, St Edward16331791
Leigh, All Saints15411900
Longdon, St James16881876
Longton, St James18341896
Longton, St John17641900
Madeley, All Saints16781901
Marchington, St Peter18131901
Marston, St Leonard18121877
Mavesyn Ridware, St Nicholas15381901
Mayfield, St John the Baptist15761899
Meerbrook, St Matthew17441812
Milwich, All Saints15671889
Mow Cop, St Thomas16701901
Moxley, All Saints18511876
Mucklestone, St Mary15551900
Newborough, All Saints16371866
Newcastle under Lyme, St Giles15631872
Newchapel, St James17241876
Northwood, Holy Trinity18491867
Norton Canes, St James15681887
Norton le Moors, St Bartholomew15721901
Ogley Hay with Brownhills, St James18511900
Okeover, All Saints17591889
Onecote, St Luke17821812
Patshull, St Mary15661812
Pattingham, St Chad15591853
Pelsall, St Michael & All Angels17631901
Penkhull, St Thomas18691901
Penkridge, St Michael & All Angels15721876
Penn, St Bartholomew15711856
Pipe Ridware, St James15611811
Ranton, All Saints16571876
Rolleston, St Mary17251901
Rugeley, St Augustine15691876
Rushall, St Michael17171892
Saint Mary, Stafford18011841
Sandon, All Saints16351873
Seighford, St Chad15601876
Shenstone, St John The Baptist15791876
Silverdale, St Luke18531900
Stafford, Christ Church18301893
Stafford, St Chad16361859
Stafford, St Mary15591894
Stone, Christ Church18401901
Stone, St Michael17931901
Stonnall, St Peter18231901
Stowe by Chartley, St John the Baptist15771881
Stretton, St John16751877
Tamworth, St Editha15561812
Tatenhill, St Mary & All Angels15631812
Tettenhall Regis, St Michael & All Angels16021876
Tipton, St Martin15741865
Tixall, St John the Baptist17081812
Trentham, St Michael & All Saints17901900
Tunstall, Christ Church18321899
Tutbury, St Mary18131876
Uttoxeter, St Mary15961901
Walsall Wood18821900
Walsall Wood, St John18371876
Warslow With Elkstone17891901
Waterfall, SS James & Bartholomew16021878
Wednesfield, St Thomas17511876
Weeford, St Mary15621812
West Bromwich, Christ Church18301900
West Bromwich, St Peter18121900
Weston on Trent, St Andrew15881877
Weston under Lizard, St Andrew17011877
Wetton, St Margaret16641901
Whitgreave, St John18391881
Wigginton, St Leonard18271903
Willenhall, St Giles17271901
Wolstanton, St Margaret16281901
Wolverhampton, St George18301880
Wolverhampton, St Matthew15701682
Wolverhampton, St Peter16031862
Wombourne, St Benedict Biscop16181856
Wychnor, St Leonard17391779
Yoxall, St Peter16681879