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Wednesday, 24th September

    As well as working on some larger and longer-term projects, over the last couple of months we have:
  • Altered the default image of records, so they now fill the page and no longer need to be magnified
  • Made it possible to attach records to family trees
  • Made it possible to export for family tree as a GEDCOM, and to import GEDCOM files with photographs and images attached
  • Updated and improved the design of our family trees
  • Improved the layout of household transcriptions and altered them to print on one page
  • Reintroduced address search in the 1911 Census for England and Wales
  • Completed Welsh translations of some Welsh datasets. You can now choose to view certain Welsh parish record transcripts in Welsh
  • Completed the search screen optimisation project for the UK

Thursday, 31st July

  • Kinship calculator added to profile page for every person in a family tree
  • World War 1 page launched.

Monday, 14th July

    As well as working on larger projects, in the last few weeks we have:
  • Returned transcription error reporting to blank fields
  • Made it possible to search census records by reference
  • Made improvements to keyboard tabbing when using search forms
  • Removed extraneous category columns in category search results
  • Highlighted the person searched for in censuses with a different colour for clarity
  • Made it possible for censuses to be searched by other household members

Thursday, 03rd July

  • Enumerator summary pages have been added to the 1911 census. You can read more about this in our blog.

Wednesday, 18th June

  • The address is now showing at the top of census household transcripts
  • You can now report transcript errors for every missing field where there is an associated image
  • As part of ongoing improvements to the census forms, the layout of census forms has been revised

Thursday, 5th June

  • Removed the 'search all records' bar from our collections and partner pages
  • You can now search non-indexed BMDs.
  • Marriage Finder will now suggest spouse names in England & Wales Civil Marriages
  • You can now print British newspaper images
  • The individual searched for in a census is now highlighted in the household transcript

Tuesday, 20th May

  • You can now download British newspaper pages

Friday, 16th May

  • Added the ability to browse Lincolnshire parish registers

Tuesday, 13th May

  • Census household transcript will enable you to now:

    • Print transcriptions for the household as well as for individuals
    • View information about the person you searched for separately and also in the household transcript
    • View additional fields about the people in the household transcript – condition (married, widowed etc.), occupation and birth place
  • Improved search form behaviour when tabbing between fields
  • Fixed issues being able to view images on an iPad
  • Fixed an issue for Internet Explorer users unable to load images

Friday, 2nd May

  • You can now delete records from "My Records", both individual and in groups
  • Census household transcriptions now display in the same order as they were transcribed
  • The site will display more reliably when using Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11

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