All SaintsNew York County1880192612240
AnnunciationNew York County1853192613129
AscensionNew York County189519268975
AssumptionWestchester County185419267937
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryNew York County1858192615262
Blessed SacramentNew York County188719267186
Church of the TransfigurationWestchester County18951926696
Corpus ChristiNew York County189119262656
Corpus ChristiWestchester County1925192666
Good ShepherdNew York County191319262209
Holy CrossNew York County1852192639410
Holy CrossThe Bronx19211926212
Holy Cross  Westchester County19071926322
Holy Eucharist  Westchester County190919261106
Holy FamilyNew York County19251926325
Holy FamilyThe Bronx189619261976
Holy FamilyWestchester County19131926541
Holy InnocentsWestchester County18941926772
Holy Name of JesusNew York County1868192614231
Holy Name of JesusWestchester County18971926542
Holy Name of MaryWestchester County187719261918
Holy RosaryNew York County1884192614859
Holy RosaryThe Bronx1925192686
Holy RosaryWestchester County18991926424
Holy SpiritThe Bronx190119262446
Holy TrinityNew York County189419263020
Immaculate ConceptionNew York County1889192644549
Immaculate ConceptionThe Bronx1853192621040
Immaculate ConceptionWestchester County186719264946
Immaculate Conception & St MaryWestchester County1847192615175
Immaculate Conception, Gun Hill RoadThe Bronx190019265014
Immaculate Heart of MaryWestchester County19131926512
IncarnationNew York County190819263124
Mary Help of ChristiansNew York County1890192628421
Most Holy CrucifixNew York County1922192681
Most Holy RedeemerNew York County1844192639381
Most Holy TrinityWestchester County187419269344
NativityNew York County1842192628542
Nativity of Our Blessed Lady  The Bronx1924192668
Notre DameNew York County19121926582
Our Lady of AngelsThe Bronx19241926115
Our Lady of EsperanzaNew York County19121926808
Our Lady of Good CounselNew York County1886192615177
Our Lady of Grace  New York County181819263194
Our Lady of Grace  The Bronx19241926193
Our Lady of LorettoNew York County1891192624271
Our Lady of LourdesNew York County190019263380
Our Lady of MercyThe Bronx185519268689
Our Lady of MercyWestchester County185419266112
Our Lady of Mount CarmelNew York County1884192669589
Our Lady of Mount CarmelThe Bronx1904192618921
Our Lady of Mount CarmelWestchester County1858192616439
Our Lady of Peace  New York County191819262817
Our Lady of Perpetual HelpNew York County1874192634256
Our Lady of Pity  The Bronx1900192613704
Our Lady of PompeiiWestchester County19221926218
Our Lady of RefugeThe Bronx19231926336
Our Lady of SolaceThe Bronx190019262192
Our Lady of SorrowsNew York County1867192615993
Our Lady of the AssumptionThe Bronx19231926248
Our Lady of the RosaryWestchester County190219276200
Our Lady of the Scapular of Mount CarmelNew York County1884192618774
Our Lady of VictoryThe Bronx189519261867
Our Lady of VictoryWestchester County187019264029
Our Lady of VilnaNew York County190219263817
Our Lady Queen of Angels   New York County188619267774
Our SaviorThe Bronx191219262385
ResurrectionWestchester County188019262178
Sacred HeartThe Bronx187519263444
Sacred Heart  Westchester County1862192610278
Sacred Heart of JesusNew York County1876192635535
Sacred Heart of JesusWestchester County19081926815
Sacred Hearts of Jesus and MaryNew York County191619263673
Santa MariaThe Bronx1926192610
SS John & MaryWestchester County1922192685
SS Peter & PaulThe Bronx189619102018
St AdelbertThe Bronx189819264938
St AgnesNew York County1873192616967
St AlbertNew York County18971926217
St AloysiusNew York County189919264167
St AmbroseNew York County186619265424
St Angela MericiThe Bronx189919262913
St Ann, East 110th StreetThe Bronx1904192622592
St AnselmThe Bronx189119264094
St Anthony of PaduaThe Bronx190319262657
St Anthony, Commonwealth AvenueThe Bronx190819262264
St Anthony, Nepara ParkWestchester County19101926187
St Anthony, Richardson AvenueThe Bronx19171926308
St Anthony, Willow StreetWestchester County190019265369
St AthanasiusThe Bronx190719261071
St AugustineThe Bronx1852192612956
St AugustineWestchester County185519267852
St BarnabasThe Bronx19101926944
St BenedictThe Bronx19231926485
St BernardWestchester County1926192612
St BonifaceNew York County1858192624639
St BrendanThe Bronx19071926990
St CasimirWestchester County190019265698
St Catharine ParishWestchester County18971926723
St Catherine of GenoaNew York County188719264505
St Catherine of SienaNew York County1879192612043
St CeciliaNew York County1873192621329
St Charles BorromeoNew York County188819269515
St Clemens MaryNew York County181819263358
St Denis   Westchester County19101926672
St Dominic  The Bronx19241926228
St Elizabeth of HungaryNew York County188219265848
St Frances of RomeThe Bronx18971926824
St GabrielNew York County1859192632804
St GabrielWestchester County189319263171
St Gregory the GreatNew York County190819261869
St Gregory the GreatWestchester County19111926835
St Ignatius LoyolaNew York County1851192638398
St Jean BaptisteNew York County188219266609
St JeromeThe Bronx1869192617693
St JohnThe Bronx188619262658
St John ChrysostomThe Bronx189919264081
St John NepomuceneNew York County187619266511
St John the BaptistWestchester County19031926768
St John the EvangelistNew York County1840192621797
St John the EvangelistWestchester County186819264984
St John the MartyrNew York County190219266536
St Joseph  The Bronx187419264062
St JosephWestchester County1871192615774
St Joseph ParishWestchester County185319262649
St Joseph, East 87th StreetNew York County1864192617908
St LucyNew York County1900192620958
St LukeThe Bronx1897192610573
St Margaret MaryThe Bronx19231926324
St Margaret of CortonaThe Bronx19081926320
St Mark the EvangelistNew York County190219265019
St Martin of ToursThe Bronx189719262839
St Mary  The Bronx188619262972
St MaryWestchester County18941926820
St Mary MagdalenNew York County187319266160
St Mary of the AssumptionWestchester County19021926670
St Mary Star of the SeasThe Bronx18931926466
St Matthew  New York County190219268156
St MatthewWestchester County189219261123
St MonicaNew York County1880192619164
St NicholasNew York County1833192635209
St Nicholas of TolentineThe Bronx190619261235
St PatrickWestchester County184419264649
St PaulNew York County1834192620092
St Paul the ApostleWestchester County1923192630
St PeterWestchester County189419261924
St Philip NeriThe Bronx182919265255
St Pius V  The Bronx188219266008
St RaymondThe Bronx185319267905
St Rita of CasciaThe Bronx190019266626
St Roch  The Bronx189819264087
St Rose of LimaNew York County189619263803
St Simon StockThe Bronx19201926612
St Stanislaus Kostka  Westchester County19141926517
St Teresa of AvilaWestchester County185319266607
St TheresaWestchester County192619266
St Thomas AquinasThe Bronx188919264622
St Thomas the Apostle  New York County188919268939
St Ursula   Westchester County19081926215
St Valentine  The Bronx189119261952
St Vincent FerrerNew York County1867192634384
St VitoWestchester County190719261871
The MagdaleneWestchester County18941926672


All SaintsNew York County188019268045
AnnunciationNew York County185319266359
AscensionNew York County189519267472
AssumptionWestchester County185919263393
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryNew York County187919264436
Blessed SacramentNew York County1887192611616
Church of the TransfigurationWestchester County18961926442
Corpus ChristiNew York County190619262918
Corpus ChristiWestchester County1926192625
Good ShepherdNew York County19131926935
Holy CrossNew York County1852192618356
Holy CrossThe Bronx1922192698
Holy CrossWestchester County1922192668
Holy EucharistWestchester County19091926774
Holy FamilyNew York County19251926148
Holy FamilyThe Bronx19081926752
Holy FamilyWestchester County19111926418
Holy InnocentsWestchester County18941926546
Holy Name of JesusNew York County1868192610564
Holy Name of JesusWestchester County18971926161
Holy Name of MaryWestchester County18771926538
Holy RosaryNew York County188419266828
Holy RosaryThe Bronx1925192634
Holy RosaryWestchester County19101926104
Holy SpiritThe Bronx190219261488
Holy TrinityNew York County189919266839
Immaculate ConceptionNew York County1854192615024
Immaculate ConceptionThe Bronx185419267316
Immaculate ConceptionWestchester County186819262406
Immaculate Conception & St MaryWestchester County184719267441
Immaculate Conception, Gun Hill RoadThe Bronx19111926661
Immaculate Heart of MaryWestchester County19131926280
IncarnationNew York County190819261947
Margaret of HungaryWestchester County192319266
Mary Help of ChristiansNew York County1899192616541
Most Holy CrucifixNew York County1926192614
Most Holy RedeemerNew York County1844192613568
Most Holy TrinityWestchester County187419265321
NativityNew York County1842192320239
Nativity of Our Blessed LadyThe Bronx1909192638
Notre DameNew York County191019261216
Our Lady of AngelsThe Bronx1924192650
Our Lady of EsperanzaNew York County191219261241
Our Lady of Good CounselNew York County188619267802
Our Lady of GraceNew York County19061926855
Our Lady of GraceThe Bronx1925192672
Our Lady of LorettoNew York County189119269087
Our Lady of LourdesNew York County190119262910
Our Lady of MercyThe Bronx185519264424
Our Lady of MercyWestchester County185419263047
Our Lady of Mount CarmelNew York County1884192628962
Our Lady of Mount CarmelThe Bronx191719265896
Our Lady of Mount CarmelWestchester County189819266242
Our Lady of PeaceNew York County191819261760
Our Lady of Perpetual HelpNew York County1874192611395
Our Lady of PityThe Bronx189119264881
Our Lady of PompeiNew York County1892192630963
Our Lady of PompeiiWestchester County1922192682
Our Lady of RefugeThe Bronx19231926142
Our Lady of SolaceThe Bronx190319261068
Our Lady of SorrowsNew York County186719265602
Our Lady of the AssumptionThe Bronx19231926118
Our Lady of the RosaryWestchester County190819262459
Our Lady of the Scapular of Mount CarmelNew York County188719264761
Our Lady of VictoryThe Bronx190919261065
Our Lady of VictoryWestchester County187519261573
Our Lady of VilnaNew York County190619261757
Our Lady Queen of AngelsNew York County188619263283
Our SaviorThe Bronx191219261491
ResurrectionWestchester County188319261148
Sacred HeartThe Bronx186919261607
Sacred HeartWestchester County186319265181
Sacred Heart of JesusNew York County1876192616648
Sacred Heart of JesusWestchester County19121926543
Sacred Hearts of Jesus and MaryNew York County191619262686
SS John & MaryWestchester County1914192650
SS Peter & PaulThe Bronx189719263506
St AdelbertThe Bronx189819262521
St AgnesNew York County1873192616000
St AlbertNew York County19131926953
St AloysiusNew York County189919263649
St AmbroseNew York County189819262339
St Angela MericiThe Bronx190019261392
St Ann, East 110th StreetThe Bronx190519266898
St AnselmThe Bronx179619262971
St Anthony of PaduaThe Bronx190319261828
St Anthony, Commonwealth AvenueThe Bronx190819261105
St Anthony, Nepara ParkWestchester County1913192668
St Anthony, Richardson AvenueThe Bronx19191926132
St Anthony, Willow StreetWestchester County190019262923
St AthanasiusThe Bronx19081926621
St AugustineThe Bronx185219266323
St AugustineWestchester County185519263631
St BarnabasThe Bronx19101926546
St BenedictThe Bronx19231926204
St BernardWestchester County192619266
St BonifaceNew York County185819269037
St BrendanThe Bronx19091926577
St CasimirWestchester County190019263744
St Catharine ParishWestchester County18991926460
St Catherine of GenoaNew York County188719263125
St Catherine of SienaNew York County189719265240
St CeciliaNew York County187319268676
St Charles BorromeoNew York County187519264851
St Clemens MaryNew York County190919262350
St DenisWestchester County19101926492
St DominicThe Bronx19251926108
St Elizabeth of HungaryNew York County189119265179
St Frances of RomeThe Bronx18981926367
St GabrielNew York County1859192615656
St GabrielWestchester County189319261584
St Gregory the GreatNew York County190819263664
St Gregory the GreatWestchester County19111926391
St Ignatius LoyolaNew York County1851192616846
St Jean BaptisteNew York County188219265854
St JeromeThe Bronx186919268614
St JohnThe Bronx188619261162
St John ChrysostomThe Bronx189919261992
St John NepomuceneNew York County189519265239
St John the BaptistWestchester County19041926324
St John the EvangelistNew York County1840192616418
St John the EvangelistWestchester County186819262765
St John the MartyrNew York County190319263471
St JosephThe Bronx187419261737
St JosephWestchester County187119266909
St Joseph ParishWestchester County18531926946
St Joseph, East 87th StreetNew York County186119269316
St LucyNew York County190019267764
St LukeThe Bronx189719263321
St Margaret MaryThe Bronx19231926252
St Margaret of CortonaThe Bronx18601926440
St Mark the EvangelistNew York County190719262339
St Martin of ToursThe Bronx189719261220
St MaryThe Bronx188619261538
St MaryWestchester County18951926414
St Mary MagdalenNew York County187319262181
St Mary of the AssumptionWestchester County19021926272
St Mary Star of the SeasThe Bronx18981926280
St MatthewNew York County192519252
St MatthewWestchester County18941926434
St MonicaNew York County188019268989
St NicholasNew York County1840192611644
St Nicholas of TolentineThe Bronx19061926710
St PatrickWestchester County184519262019
St PaulNew York County183419269547
St Paul the ApostleWestchester County1923192616
St PeterWestchester County189419261166
St Philip NeriThe Bronx180319261743
St Pius VThe Bronx190919261514
St RaymondThe Bronx184719263232
St Rita of CasciaThe Bronx190019263825
St RochThe Bronx190019262647
St Rose of LimaNew York County190119262193
St Simon StockThe Bronx19201926348
St Stanislaus KostkaWestchester County19141926185
St Teresa of AvilaWestchester County185319262437
St TheresaWestchester County192619262
St Thomas AquinasThe Bronx188919262314
St Thomas the ApostleNew York County188919267168
St UrsulaWestchester County19091926246
St ValentineThe Bronx189119261105
St Vincent FerrerNew York County1867192616675
St VitoWestchester County19111926551
The MagdaleneWestchester County18941926220