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BBC A House Through Time series three

Episode guide: A House Through Time series three

Picture of Niall Cullen - Content Marketing Lead
Niall Cullen
18 June 2020

Find out where you can watch BBC Two’s A House Through Time and review highlights from the third series.

A House Through Time began on BBC Two in January 2018. Since then, host David Olusoga has explored rich stories hidden behind the walls of properties in Liverpool, Newcastle and Bristol. The show has inspired thousands to discover the history of their houses.

Key sources for house history

The third series of A House Through Time hit TV screens in June 2020 and focused on Number 10, Guinea Street, an 18th-century house in Bristol.

Where can I watch A House Through Time?

The 2020 series of A House Through Time was broadcast every Tuesday night at 9pm on BBC Two from 26 May to 16 June.

If you live in the UK, you can watch A House Through Time online with the BBC iPlayer.

A House Through Time series three highlights

If you missed out on the latest series of A House Through Time, we’ve compiled our favourite bits to give you a taster.

Episode one

In the first episode of A House Through Time series three, David Olusoga started his investigations on the residents of 10 Guinea Street, including the life of intrepid sea captain, Joseph Smith.

With his research dating back to the 18th century, he uncovered incredible stories of piracy, child abandonment, political writing and slavery.

Episode two

In episode two, David Olusoga traced the tales of 10, Guinea Street as the century turned from the 1700s to the 1800s.

Particularly harrowing was the story of Hester Gray, who worked in the house as a servant in mid 1800s. Hester endured an abusive relationship with her husband Henry.

The shocking tales of scandal, domestic violence and asylum inmates had us gripped from start to finish.

Episode three

The third episode of A House Through Time series three focused on the property’s residents in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It began by exploring the lives of newlyweds Owen and Louisa Pow.

The couple suffered multiple blows to the start of their lives together, losing a child and business during their time at Guinea Street.

Later, Olusoga revealed a tragic tale from the First World War, discovered in our newspapers.

A House Through Time Bristol

Jane Curley, now occupying 10, Guinea Street, lost her husband to the Great War while pregnant with their child. Unfortunately, similar stories were all too common at the time.

Episode four

Series three of A House Through Time culminated with David Olusoga delving into the home’s wartime past and bringing his research up to modern times. If you’re interested in pinpointing a property at the outbreak of the Second World War, try our exclusive 1939 Register map search.

The host’s detective skills unravelled stories of mystery and crime, including an article in Western Daily Press that revealed one of the house’s residents was a convicted criminal concealing his identity.

A House Through Time records

Cyril Tabrett lived in 10 Guinea Street after World War 2.

A House Through Time proves that house history research, with all its challenges, has the potential to open more chapters in your family’s story. That's why we enjoy it so much. And it seems we’re not the only ones.

What did your house look like generations ago? And if its walls could talk, what amazing stories would they tell? We’d love to hear about the history of your house over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Reach out to us using #WhereWillYourPastTakeYou? for a chance to be featured.

Cover photo credit: Twenty Twenty Productions.