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Reality revealed: Do we truly know our family roots?

Alex Cox Findmypast
Alex Cox
29 May 2019

Where do Vicky Pattison's and Ferne McCann's family roots really lie?

Putting the ultimate North vs South relationship to the test, Findmypast DNA has exposed the regional DNA breakdown of Geordie sweetheart, Vicky Pattison, and Essex darling, Ferne McCann. Capturing their emotions on camera as they discover they're not from where they're famed to be.

Friends Vicky and Ferne shot to reality TV star fame thanks to their distinctive accents and regional affiliations. Forging successful careers as a result, both stars are renowned for their localised heritage. The Findmypast DNA test provides a unique breakdown of a user's DNA composition across 80 global regions, including 21 across Britain and Ireland, allowing anyone to pinpoint their global and British roots.

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Often regarded as the epitome of Newcastle born and bred, Vicky Pattison is renowned for her Geordie twang and relatable one-liners, yet Findmypast DNA reveals this northern soul's DNA is actually 18.8% Aberdeenshire, with a further 30.6% from North West Europe.

With just 67.3% British heritage, Vicky Pattison, 31, commented:

"I honestly can't believe it, I'm in shock. I've always just felt I was 100% Geordie, it's who I am, I mean it's me, man!"

Former TOWIE star Ferne also received her DNA breakdown from Findmypast DNA, shining a light on her diverse roots. This famous Essex reality star's DNA reveals that Ferne's actually 16.1% Germanic and 9.3% Irish. Reacting to this relevation, Ferne McCann, 28, said:

“I had no idea that my DNA could tell which region I'm really from. To find out I'm not 100% British has really shocked me, it's so interesting to learn how my DNA can reveal so much about my roots. I've always believed my whole family is from Essex! Now that I've discovered I've got some Irish ancestry, I want to find out more."

Former Geordie Shore star Vicky, went on to say:

“Finding out my DNA is traced back to South East England (5.7%) has thrown me the most. I just can't believe that anyone in my family could be southern. I'm definitely going to delve deeper, accessing Findmypast's ancestry records to connect the dots. Never mind Geordie Shore, maybe I should have joined Ferne on TOWIE."

Vicky's desire to learn more about her roots isn't unusual; half of Brits (49%) admit that they'd spend more time in a region if they knew they had a DNA connection to the area. According to findings by Findmypast, not everyone is forthcoming about their ancestry: top reasons we've lied about our heritage include to impress a date (13%), to get a job (12%) and to cover up beauty regimes such as fake tanning (12%).