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By Daisy Goddard | June 14, 2024

There are over 22,000 new and improved records for you to explore this Findmypast Friday.

Our parish record collection grew by 23,516 this week, as we've updated and improved three existing sets from Bedfordshire - Bedfordshire Baptisms, Bedfordshire Marriages and Bedfordshire Burials.

We also added over a million pages to our newspaper archive, with one brand new title and updates to a further 51. This takes our total page count to a mind-boggling 79 million.

Bedfordshire Baptisms

This week we added 10,239 images and transcriptions spanning 274 years to this existing record set.

If your ancestor was baptised in the Eastern English country of Bedfordshire between 1538 and 1812, their name may just appear within these updated records.

Bedfordshire Marriages

We also updated our Bedfordshire Marriage collection, with 5,529 records covering 1538 to 1812.

Bedfordshire Burials

To round off this week's trio of Bedfordshire additions, we've added 7,748 burial records.

These images and transcriptions also cover from 1538 to 1812.

79 million pages available to explore

A massive 1,007,483 new pages were added to our newspaper archive this Findmypast Friday, taking our total page count over the 79 million mark.

Explore the new title, the Spilsby Standard, in addition to 51 further updates.

Here's everything that we added to the newspaper archive this week.

New titles:

Updated titles:

Last week we commemorated D-Day with over 566,000 new military records. Discover the full release.

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