Help with family history

As family historians ourselves, we know that researching your family history is a rewarding and challenging process. There are so many ways in which Findmypast can help you to get the most out of your family history research.

Tools, resources and help

  • Introduction to family history and helpful tips for starting your search
  • A sophisticated and state-of-the art faceted search tool
  • Interesting and unique record sets from around the world
  • Advanced research tools for the experienced genealogist such as your research log and automatically generated citations
  • Networking and collaboration tools to allow you to communicate in the genealogy community to get helpful tips or detailed advice
  • An ever evolving tree that will help you visually document your family through the generations
  • PayAsYouGo subscription option in addition to subscriptions for more flexible payment options

Learn about your past...and yourself

You can view over two billion historical records on Findmypast with more added every week. Here aresome of our key collections:

  • Birth, marriage and death records - find out about the events that helped shape your ancestors' lives.
  • Parish records - journey further back in time to find your ancestors' baptism, marriage and burial records. These records are by far the most important source for family historians in the UK before 1837.
  • Census records collections - find out where your ancestors lived, who with and what they did for a living. Search our extensive sets of records from US, UK, Ireland and Australia
  • Migration records - chart your ancestors' voyages to find out about the foreign lands your family moved to, travelled to or worked in.
  • Military records - learn about your military ancestors' experiences of war by searching our military records collection which contains detailed information about both World Wars, as well as many other conflicts such as Waterloo, Trafalgar and the Boer war.

Discovering this information helps paint a vivid picture of your past. Learning about the choices your ancestors made can help give you a sense of how you came to be the person you are today.

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Build your family tree

Mapping your family tree online is the perfect way to bring your past to life. Our free online family tree, is very easy to use. You can add up to 5,000 people per tree, and will soon be able to upload scans of your records, photos and certificates and have as many trees as you like.

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Find new branches of your family tree

During the course of your family history research, you could stumble upon relatives you never knew you had. These could be long dead ancestors or relatives who are still alive today. Let us help your family history journey.