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Susan Edwards

"What great service. I will happily recommend your site to my other genealogy friends.

Susan Edwards October 2013

Peter Watson

"I have benefitted a great deal from my membership and recommend it to anyone who asks."

Peter Watson September 2013

Ian Cooksey

"Findmypast is the best site I have found for looking up UK records, and by far the most user friendly. I have been using it for some years now and find more and more records every week with new records coming online all the time. Thanks very much for a fantastic job."

Ian Cooksey August 2013

Rita Young

"We all hope to find a lovely end to our story, we're all secretly looking for the special touch and that's what findmypast supplies!"

Rita Young August 2013

Carol Rutter

"I've been searching for years (literally!) for Suffolk parish records from Weybread where loads of my family originated from, until you've put them online it's been a nightmare. So just to say thank you!"

Carol Rutter July 2013

Pete Maddra

"Access to the newspapers has provided me with an amazing amount of detail; much more than I ever dreamed I'd find. Such as the family in York from which three members were transported to Australia for completely separate offences, or my ancestor, described as "the notorious poacher", who stole seven fowl and received 9 months imprisonment then later shot a man in the face and received another 9 months. I even have photographs of one ancestor from a race in 1912 in which he became the first man to ever paddle across the
river Humber in a tub. Priceless information."

Pete Maddra June 2013

Brenda Smith

I just thought I would write and say how blown away I was to find that I could actually read the records as written for many of the villages in Hertfordshire. So wonderful to see the old writing and to be able to study so many records. I have been able to fill in lots of gaps and will continue to use these records for a long while yet - helps to keep me out of mischief!"

Brenda Smith June 2013

Stuart Jones

"The newspapers are a revelation! They help turn simple genealogy into real family history. I have found that a great-great-grandfather had a prize pig and won £1 at the local show, and that another great-grandfather was up before the beak for
scrumping strawberries when he was 16 years old - you could only find this in newspapers where the content is indexed!!

Stuart Jones, Genealogy Group Leader for East Devon U3A May 2013

Claire Vaughan

"Loving the new searchable facility with the Kent parish records as I have oodles of ancestors down that way. I suddenly discovered about four generations of a family I had previously been searching for with no luck."

Claire Vaughan, Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine April 2013

Carolyn Paisley

"I teach a genealogy group and am always stressing how important it is to tell our ancestors' stories. Living in Canada, it would be impossible to do this without findmypast. History comes alive within these digitized pages. Findmypast has enriched my research to the point where it would be impossible to do without a subscription. It's great value for money."

Carolyn Paisley March 2013

Clive Copsey

"Just wanted to tell you that I tried your new newspapers search and within minutes had found what I was looking for. I have been trying to find out the circumstances that sent my great-great-aunt to Chelmsford Prison in 1891 for a long time. The search of the historical papers came up with four possible results and there it was."

Clive Copsey December 2012

Johnston Hall

"I have to tell you that the records and value for money you provide are second to none."

Johnston Hall November 2012

Diane Gow

"I was thrilled and delighted to discover findmypast and their extensive collection of records which helped break down my 36 year old brick wall: the mystery surrounding my great-great-grandfather. Findmypast's deaths at sea register provided a vital clue. According to the record, in 1883, my great-great-grandfather was 'lost with all hands' off the Welsh coast. The record even gave the name of the ship. I am so thankful to have found the rich resources at findmypast, I would encourage all who are seeking information about their family history to explore this amazing website."

Diane Gow October 2012

Meli Moore

"Thank you a million times for your 'My saved records' service! What a remarkable and fabulous concept...kudos to your research and development department."

Meli Moore September 2012

John Ford

"I have been using your excellent website and have unearthed some remarkable results. The most awesome result is that I have recently discovered my two step sisters (aged 70 and 85 years old) who are both in good health and living within a short distance of
each other. We have all been in contact and plan to meet each other very soon, for the very first time in 64 years. I must express a special thank you for your easy-to-use, hassle-free website. Please rest assured that I will definitely be recommending your site to friends and family."

John Ford June 2012

Evelyn Radford

"My family tree contained a long-standing family mystery of a first wife with twins. Part of the story involved them travelling to Canada. I was demonstrating to a cousin and used this as an example ¬ñ we found not only their journey and ship but also
their names. This breakthrough then led us to their marriage record on findmypast and to crown this I was able to download an image of the original wedding record. This was aided by the subtle design changes in the website, which has made it not only easier but more pleasant to use. Well done and many thanks.

Evelyn Radford March 2012

Suzanne Scaife

"Just want to thank you for your excellent new death records. Within three minutes I had found a death I'd been looking for for over a year and was able to order the correct certificate from the General Register Office. The fact that your site is
clever enough to take the year of birth and give you only the records of relevant ages is outstanding and did the trick in my case as my elusive relative has a very common last name."

Suzanne Scaife August 2011

Patricia Walsh

"I noticed your announcement of the improved overseas, at- sea and army birth and marriage records search. For 10 years I have been unable to find a marriage for my great grandfather who was a mariner. Without even referring to my records, I immediately entered his name, and there he was: a consular marriage in Hamburg. I was about to crosscheck with his wife's name, when I saw her name below. What a find for me, and it only took a few seconds.Thank you so much."

Patricia Walsh March 2011

Simon Ludbrook

"I have now found 28 marriages in just 90 minutes over two days and I'm well chuffed! These would have taken me hours and hours to find but your new system has saved me so much time, I can move on a lot quicker than before. The marriage matching facility is great and means I don't have to search for the other half of the marriage, saving me even more time. An added bonus is with the digitised births: you can also find children born to the wedded parents in just a few seconds.

Simon Ludbrook December 2010

Ken Fedzin

"Tracing ancestors can be difficult at the best of times, but when faced with difficulties, findmypast really does help. Could I take this opportunity to thank for all the work they do to enable people like myself to more easily research their family history."

Ken Fedzin October 2010

John Walsh

"Since discovering a short time ago it has added enormously to my knowledge of my great-grandfather of whom little was known before his marriage in 1859 in Cork, Ireland. Records of the church in which he was married, along with many other
historical archives, were destroyed by fire. The addition of Chelsea Pensioners records to your site enabled me to view his 1857 records which as well as giving his military record also placed him as being born in Cork also.

John Walsh September 2010

Jane Snell

"I am just writing to say a huge thank you to all the staff who worked on the mammoth births name indexing project. It's certainly a job well done and has been a real help to my research. It has made life much easier. Do keep up the good work. Genealogy has been crying out for this type of search to be available on these indexes. Thank you so much from a very happy researcher!"

Jane Snell September 2010

Evelyn M Empson

"I am delighted to say that I found my grandmother's stepbrother in the latest batch of Chelsea Pensioners records. He had joined the 29th Regt. of Foot and was in Ireland at The Curragh up to his discharge through ill-health in 1893. I discovered his next of kin and his
home address at the time. Marvellous! Findmypast has also been brilliant in giving me the births of my great grandmother's siblings. I have now made contact with another owner of a family tree with her younger sister as a direct descendant in their tree. It is all very worthwhile.

Evelyn M Empson May 2010

Keiran Williams

"In January 2010 I noticed the 1911 census link on findmypast. At this stage not knowing that this was a new and amazing addition to genealogy, I found Ethel Smith, my great grandmother, with a nice little surprise: my great grandfather Thomas Williams was boarding with the Smith family at the time. They married three years later. I love the 1911 census: easy to use, great quality images and so informative. From this one document I have now been able to research back another four generations of Smiths and Fawkes."

Keiran Williams September 2009

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