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Explore millions of online death records from Britain and beyond at Findmypast.

Death certificates online

Official government death records

Civil death records have been registered by the British government since 1837. All death records on Findmypast are fully name-indexed, which makes finding your family quick and simple. Death records are essential for growing your family tree. They reveal your ancestor's name and where and when they died. Found the record you're looking for? Order a copy of the original death certificate from the General Register Office to discover even more.

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parish burial records

Church parish burial records

Parish registers were first introduced in Britain in 1538. Details of family milestones, like baptisms, banns, marriages and burials, are hidden in handwritten volumes, digitised and published on Findmypast. Like death records, parish burial registers can reveal your ancestor's name, where and when they died and were buried. What's more, the power of parish records could help you take your family story all the way back to medieval times.

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Online indexes give you all the details you need. Certs reveal even more.

Church and government death records online

Church or government death record?

Civil records began in 1837 while parish registers can date back to 1538.

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