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Find your family's crime records

Discover the lawbreakers (and makers) in your family tree with millions of online prison registers, court reports and criminal mugshots.

British crime records

England & Wales, Crime, Prisons & Punishment, 1770-1935

Our flagship crime collection from The National Archives includes 5.7 million records, covering over a century of British crime history. Unlock unsavoury details on your criminal ancestors. Find out the crimes they committed, their sentences and details of their life behind bars. You may even see the 'black sheep' of your family staring back at you from an old mugshot. This jaw-dropping collection of family records is only available online at Findmypast.

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3 quick tips for delving into your family's crime records

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Felonious forebears

Attach prison registers and mugshots to your family tree to bring it to life.

Findmypast crime records

Now vs. then

Learn how your ancestor's experience of the justice system was very different.

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Extra! Extra! Check the papers

You'll find more details of crimes and punishments in local press.

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