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As you're here to explore your family's records, we've lined up some must-search collections with tips for making the most of them.

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Search 1939 Register

Discover your family, home and town at wartime

The 1939 Register provides a snapshot of England and Wales at the outbreak of World War 2.

Search parish records

Take your family tree way back

Parish records stretch back to medieval times and we're home to the largest British collection online.

Search family records

Unlock remarkable life stories

From war heroes to globetrotters, your ancestors were amazing. Delve into military and travel records to prove it.

Where was your family in 1939?

Easily pinpoint households with our exclusive 1939 Register map search. This short video explains how it works.

3 quick tips for getting ahead during your trial

Search filters

Less is more

Start broad then use our filters and tools to narrow your search.

A-Z of records

Know what's available

Not all records are online and some are held privately. See what's on Findmypast in our A-Z of records.

family tree hints

Get exclusive record hints

Start or upload your family tree for instant matches to unique parish and military records.

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