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As you're here to explore your family's records, we've lined up some must-search collections with tips for making the most of them.

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Search family records

Discover family milestones

Our British and Irish birth, marriage and death records (BMDs) are the building blocks to your past.

Search census records

Unlock amazingly rich family history

Census records reveal where your ancestors lived, who with and their jobs.

Build family tree

Preserve your family's legacy forever

Grow your family tree with our online builder and you'll get instant hints to your relatives' records.

Finding your family's records is easy

This short video tells you everything you need to know about searching our birth, marriage and census records.

3 quick tips for getting ahead during your trial

Search filters

Less is more

Start broad then use our filters and tools to narrow your search.

Order BMDs

Order original records

Note the volumes and page numbers on BMDs to get copies from the General Register Office.

Findmypast address search

Try tracing house history

All of our UK census records come with a handy address search feature.

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