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Origins of the Gibbs surname

A collage of historical images including two family portraits and a postcard of people boarding a ship

What does the name Gibbs mean?

Gibbs is a surname that originates in England. It comes from a patronymic, and is derived from someone who was the son or descendant of a person named 'Gib', a pet or diminutive form of the given name 'Gilbert'. The name appears in records from the 1300s onwards and is more prevalent in the south, as opposed to the more Northern similar name of 'Gibson'.

Alternative variations of the name Gibbs

Gibbs, Gibb, Gibbes, Gibbe, Gebbs

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Where do most Gibbses live?

In 1921, most Gibbses lived in London.

Census records trace your ancestors through each generation, so you can follow where your relatives lived through each decade.

Interesting facts about Gibbses

How common is your surname?

267th most common surname in the UK

We have 155,000 records for the Gibbs surname. The oldest one dates back to 1220.

Who were Gibbses most likely to marry?




Our Marriage record sets tell us which families married Gibbses.

What are the most common Gibbs first names?

  • John
  • William
  • Mary
  • Elizabeth

Our birth record sets tell us the names of Gibbs family members

Common jobs for Gibbses

Men and women often performed different types of jobs, so these are displayed by gender to maintain their historical accuracy.

Common Female occupations for Gibbses in 1921




General Servant Domestic


Domestic Servant


General Servant


Common Male occupations for Gibbses in 1921
Agricultural Labourer


General Labourer






Farm Labourer


An image of a census transcript and a picture of a dairy farmer holding two milk jugs

Census records provide incredible detail on names, ages, marital statuses, occupations and more.

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