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What does the name Jones mean?

A popular surname, Jones originated in Wales, where it remains the most common in the country today (5.75% of the population), the second most popular in England (0.75%) and fifth in the United States. Jones derives from the patronymic Welsh naming tradition and describes someone who is the son of Ioan, John or Johan. Upon the Anglicisation of names in Wales in the 1500s, the descriptive stuck and was passed from generation to generation from this point forwards. Although a name based root has no single point of origin to trace back to, it's of interest that those families who derived from the 'son of John', the surname Jones is firmly Welsh; in England the name Johnson as opposed to Johns or John was overwhelmingly used.

The earliest occurrence of the Jones surname in our family history documents is from 1410, and we currently have 16,198,704 records where Jones appears.

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