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What does the name Lewis mean?

Lewis is a relatively common name, most popular in Wales, where it is the sixth most prevalent in the country. The surname Lewis remains in wide usage across the Anglosphere (it is the 22nd most common in England, 24th in the United States, 61st in Canada and 129th in Scotland). Lewis is supposed to have a number of origins, but believed to be mostly patronymic. The origin in Wales is believed to stem from an anglicisation of the Welsh name Llewelyn, and in England as a patronymic stemming from the Norman and French names Louis, Lowis and Clovis. More rarely the name Lewis can be an adaptation of some Jewish surnames like Levi and Levy.

The earliest occurrence of the Lewis surname in our family history documents is from 1465, and we currently have 4,737,090 records where Lewis appears.

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