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Wendy Leahy has transcribed these records. Please note that your ancestor may appear multiple times in the records, which means there would be multiple transcripts associated with your ancestor. These transcripts were created from the following records:

  • Honorary Graduates
  • Graduates 1870-1939, inclusive
  • Graduates 1939-1948, inclusive
  • Diplomas up to 1948
  • Graduates 1949-1958, inclusive
  • Graduates 1958-1959, inclusive
  • Graduates 1959-1960, inclusive
  • Graduates 1961-1963
  • Diplomas from 1948

Up until 1961, there was only one degree-granting university in New Zealand: the University of New Zealand. It included the following colleges: Auckland, Victoria, Canterbury, and Otago (which kept the title of ‘university’ but granted diplomas under the University of New Zealand). Later, the agricultural colleges of Massey and Lincoln and the theological college of St Johns were included. However, occasionally in these records foreign universities are listed.