Find your ancestors in Using the Australia and New Zealand records


Here, you can explore the different records we offer in our various collections and individual "data sets". There are over 1.8 billion records to explore!

Collections are categorised by what type of information they include - for example, Armed Forces & Conflict has all our military data sets, while Education & Work contains all our sets digitised from, for example, school records or business records with employee information. And we're constantly finding and adding new data sets that add even more information to the individual collection it belongs in.

What do I need to search an ancestor?

Ideally, you'll have a name and birthdate. But use whatever information you have to guide you through any sets you think may be relevant to your family tree. And keep an open mind - you may be surprised to find things you never knew about your ancestors, and many people have made unexpected discoveries in the places they least expected to find their past waiting for them!

How do I navigate the records?

On the left of the screen, you will find the menu for the collections. Once you have chosen a collection to search, below will appear a second menu featuring all the different data sets we have in that field. If you click on each data set, you can read a more detailed description of what the set contains.

Remember that we are continually adding new records to the site - so check back regularly to stay up to date! Good luck - and happy hunting your family history!