Did your ancestor serve with the ‘Fighting Fifth’ during the Boer War or the First World War? Discover your ancestor through this index taken from over 70 sources. You will find their military history, enlistment date and place, medals received and if they were wounded in battle.

The transcripts were created by Graham Stewart. The information comes from over 70 sources including medal rolls, service records, medal index cards, battalion histories and St George’s Gazette, the regimental paper.

This infantry regiment was first formed in 1674 and in order of regimental precedence was the 5th Regiment of Foot. In 1782 it received regional distinction and became the 5th (the Northumberland) Regiment of Foot. On St George’s Day 1836 the Fusiliers title - 5th Regiment of Foot (Northumberland Fusiliers) – was added and from 1 July 1881, as a result of changes introduced by Lord Cardwell and latterly Secretary of War, Hugh Childers, the regimental number was lost and the regiment became simply The Northumberland Fusiliers.

The names in these records include men who fought in the Fourth Ashanti War (1895-1896), Sudan, Boer War, North West Frontier and First World War. The regiment received battle honours for Modder River and South Africa during the second Boer War. By the First World War, the Northumberland Fusiliers was the second largest infantry regiment in the British Army – the London Regiment was the largest. During the Great War, the regiment received 67 battle honours with 5 Victoria Crosses awarded for gallantry. Over 16,000 infantrymen lost their lives during the conflict. During the interwar years, the regiment was given a ‘royal’ prefix and became the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. Today, a Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland is located in Abbot’s Tower, part of Alnwick Castle.

Nicknames for the regiment include: Fighting Fifth, The Shiners, Wellington's Bodyguards and Old and the bold. Their motto is ‘Quo Fata Vocant,’ which means ‘Whither the Fates call.’

Abbreviations - Rank

a-; a/; T/ Acting or Temporary Rank - i.e. a/SGT
AB Able Bodied Seaman
CLR/SGT Colour Sergeant
CQMSCompany Quartermaster Sergeant
CSMCompany Sergeant Major
L/CPLLance Corporal
L/SGTLance Sergeant
LSLeading Seaman
OSOrdinary Seaman
POPetty Officer
RSMRegimental Sergeant Major
WOI or WOIIWarrant Officer 1st Class or 2nd Class

Abbreviations - Battalion

(H.S.)GSN(Home Service) Garrison - Battalion or Company
(Y.S.)(Young Soldier) Battalion
BN or BnBattalion

Abbreviations - Birthplace

I.O.M.Isle of Man

Abbreviations - Source

(S.T.H.)"Sick to Hospital" (from 1/6th Battalion War Diary)
1/4th BOOKBook-"When Lantern of Hope, Burned Low"
16H16th Battalion History
17H17th Battalion History
18H18th Battalion History
19H19th Battalion History
7H7th Battalion History
7RB'D' Company 1/7th Roll Book
9H9th Battalion History
14/15SR 1914-15 Star Medal Roll
ACGAlnwick & County Gazette
ALArmy List of Officers
APMAssistant Provost Marshall Reports
AUSTAAustralian Archive Records
AVLAbsent Voters List
AWOLAbsent Without Leave
B108DSection 'D' Discharge Certificate
B2079Discharge Certificate 1920s
BJBBritish Jewry Book
BOBattalion Part II Orders
CIVSBook - "Civilian Soldier" by George Harbottle formerly 1/6th Battalion
CRBCompany Roll Book
DADurham Advertiser
DYCHNewcastle Daily Chronicle
ELRed Cross 'Enquiry Lists'
EBAYMedals seen on Ebay
FAMILYDetails from Family
GWFGreat War Forum
ICIllustrated Chronicle
IHBook - 'Irish Heroes in the War'
JIMJim Parker - M.G.C. Researcher
JSCJohn Sheen collection (researched named post cards)
L.G.Lewis Gun
LGLondon Gazette
M/CARD Memorial Card (Bromilow Collection)
M/LDealers Medal List
MH106Public Record Office Medical Health Records (MH106)
MICMedal Index Cards
MRBritish War Medal & Victory Medal Roll Books
NCNewcastle Chronicle
NDJNewcastle Daily Journal
NENorthern Echo
NER/ROH North Eastern Railways Roll of Honour
NERMNorth Eastern Railway Magazine
NJNewcastle Journal
NROHNational Roll of Honour
OCA FORMOld Comrades Association Form
OCAFOld Contemptible Application Form
ODGWOfficers Died in the Great War
PCPost Card in Collection
PGPolice Gazette
PHOTOPhotograph in my collection
PHOTO (ALG)Photo (Alnwick Gazette)
PMFLPrincess Mary’s Fund List
POEMWrote Poem
PSRPetty Sessions Register (Letter indicates court-e.g. PSRN = Newcastle)
PWRPre-War Regular
QMQuaysider Magazine
RBRoll Book
RDCMRRoyal Defence Corps Medal Rolls
RECORDS Burnt & Unburnt Attestation Papers
RGSRBRoyal Grammar School, Newcastle - Roll Book
RNDRRoyal Naval Division Records
SADBook-"Shot at Dawn"
SDGWSoldiers Died in the Great War
SDRHSmith's Dock Roll of Honour
SGGSt George’s Gazette
SGG(PHOTO)Photo in St George’s Gazette
SHROHSheffield Roll of Honour
SRService Records
SRBSection Roll Book
SWBSilver War Badge Rolls
TCMRTank Corps Medal Rolls
WGRCommonwealth War Graves Register

Abbreviations - Discharge

KIAKilled in Action
POWPrisoner of War
WDWar Diary (Number indicates the battalion - 9WD etc)

Abbreviations - Notes

A.C.E.Army Certificate of Education
C.C.S.Casualty Clearing Station
C.o.E.Certificate of Education
D.C.M.Distinguished Conduct Medal
F.G.C.M. Field General Court Martial
F.P.No.1 Field Punishment and the number
G.C.B.Good Conduct Badge
G.C.P.Good Conduct Pay
GSWGun Shot Wound
I.B.D.Infantry Base Depot
I.G.S.M.Indian General Service Medal
L.S.G.C.Long Service Good Conduct Medal
L.T.M.B.Light Trench Mortar Battery
M.C.Military Cross
M.G.CoyMachine Gun Company
M.I.D.Mentioned in Despatches
M.M.Military Medal
M.M.(France)French Medal Militaire - also awarded by Belgium & Italy
M.S.M.Meritorious Service Medal
MIAMissing in Action
N.W.F.Medal Clasp - North West Frontier
O.O.M.Order of Merit - a Regimental distinction
PTIPhysical Training Instructor
S.O.M.School of Musketry
S.O.S.Struck off Strength
S.R.L.S.G.C.Special Reserve Long Service Good Conduct Medal
T.E.M.Territorial Efficiency Medal
T.O.S.Taken on Strength
T.R.B.Training Reserve Battalion
TBETransferred Before Embarkation
W&MIAWounded & Missing in Action
W&POWWounded & Prisoner of War
W.A.F.F.West African Field Force
Z21Discharge Certificate 1919