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Findmypast is the home of British and Irish family history records.

Search the 1921 Census, the most extensive British census open to the public, and discover what your family were doing on the eve of World War II in the 1939 Register. Learn new details about the important events in your ancestors’ lives in our extensive baptism, banns, marriage and burial records and parish registers.

Follow your ancestors along the paths they took in life. Discover their roles in national and international conflicts, including both world wars. Or, if your ancestor crossed the law, find them in our legal, criminal and institutional records. You can also follow your intrepid ancestors’ journeys overseas in our travel and migration records.

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    After searching for many years and finding dead ends, I finally found my grandfather in the 1921 Census on Findmypast!


    An incredibly valuable link to my past that I knew nothing about. I now have traced back to my great-great grandparents (and more). It has been moving, inspiring, soul-searching and a highly productive journey.


    This is the third ancestry website I have used and it is the best for accurate local information about relatives. It gives the best value for money. Unbeatable.


    David's family story

    The 1921 Census - Community Discoveries

    David found their family members in the 1921 Census using the Findmypast family tree builder and the handy hints we found for them using our exclusive census records.

    What family stories mightyoudiscover?

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