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As every genealogist knows, we're all the product of our family's history. But genetics aren't the only thing that we pass down the generations. Used to identify our familial bonds, surnames link us to even our most distant ancestors. If your curious about your family history, doing a surname search is a great place to start.

The origin of your last name can reveal a lot about your earliest ancestors' birthplaces, occupations and more.

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The Cooper surname has two prominent points of origin. Firstly and most commonly it is English (where it is the 35th most prevalent surname in the country) and derives from the occupation of a cooper (barrelmaker), as this was a common profession it arose seperately in many parts of the country. Secondly, the surname Cooper can be geographic and relate to those from the town of Cupar in Fife, Scotland, where it has been seen since the 1200s.

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28th most common surname in the UK

We have for the Cooper surname. The oldest one dates back to 1220.

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