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What does the name Cox mean?

The origin of the Cox surname is varied and the name is found throughout Britain, particularly in England and Wales. It may be topographical, and refer to the Old English 'cock' (heap or hill), and given to a person who lived on or near hills. Cox could also come from the Old English 'cocc' (little), and be used as a descriptive name, or a term of endearment for someone who was in a position of power or particularly large. In Wales the surname Cox is thought to come from the Welsh 'coch' (red), and be given to someone who has red hair or complexion. The other possibility is that Cox came about as a nickname, from the English word 'cock' (rooster). At the Battle of Hastings, a Norman knight named Alric was given the name 'Le Coq' for his strutting around the battlefield, which was also passed to his descendants and has sometimes been anglicised to Cox.

The earliest occurrence of the Cox surname in our family history documents is from 1486, and we currently have 2,696,301 records where Cox appears.

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