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Honour your Anzac ancestors

Trace Australian and New Zealander military relatives in millions of online records. Discover Anzac war veteran ancestors in your family tree and explore their amazing life stories today.

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First World War ancestors

What is Anzac Day and when is it?

Every year on 25 April, Australians and New Zealanders remember the sacrifices their fellow countrymen and women made to ensure their futures. First marked in 1916, Anzac Day was originally created to commemorate the efforts of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC).

Anzacs at Gallipoli

What happened at Gallipoli?

The First World War's Gallipoli campaign is a key part of Anzac history and saw Australia and New Zealand's first involvement in the war. Over the course of eight months in 1915, fierce battles were fought between the Anzacs and Turkish forces with the Ottomans eventually prevailing. Nearly 12,000 Anzac troops lost their lives.

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Commemorating Anzacs

Join Jen Baldwin and the Friends of Findmypast as they share their love for the past, personal Anzac stories and tips for tracing family heroes.

Miss A Black - Queen of the Anzacs

Discover your Anzac history

Australia, Military Commemorative Rolls & Rolls of Honour is a poignant collection of records detailing thousands of Australians that lost their lives in history's major wars. Uncover names, birth and death details, military career information and more.

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