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We're sharing our family discoveries to inspire yours

At Findmypast, what we do has the power to change lives. For us, family history is more than just a job, it's our passion. We've made amazing discoveries and you can too.

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With records you won't find elsewhere, we can help you unlock new stories and trace elusive ancestors. Add your family tree to Findmypast for access to exclusive record hints.

Sarah Wilson, Findmypast

"It's been so rewarding"

“Although I never met him, my grandfather’s had a huge influence on my life. With the help of Findmypast’s exclusive map search and handy tree-to-tree hints, I’ve visited his boyhood home and uncovered family photos I hadn’t seen before.”

Sarah, marketing team

Mike Mowbray, Findmypast

"The revelations can be truly jaw-dropping"

“With Findmypast’s newspapers, censuses and marriage records, I discovered incredible detail on the murderous felon in my family tree. Luckily, his troublemaking traits haven’t been passed down the generations!”

Mike, engineering team

Emma Mercer, Findmypast

"Walking in their footsteps is an incredible feeling"

“When census records revealed where my policeman ancestor lived, I just had to visit. I didn’t expect to find his old ‘lock-up’ still standing. Seeing where he lived and worked gave me goosebumps.”

Emma, design team

Sam McArdle, Findmypast

"It's the best way to prove or quash family rumours"

“Findmypast’s records and newspapers confirmed family lore that my ancestor ran Liverpool FC back in the day. This might just explain my family’s obsession with The Reds today!”

Sam, finance team

How to discover your amazing past

Build your family tree

The quickest, easiest way to find family stories, it's FREE to get started.

Do some detective work

Chat with relatives about the past and rummage for family heirlooms.

Search family records

From censuses to service records, old documents hold rich secrets.

Find the family stories that have shaped you

Piecing together the bigger picture of your past is one of the most meaningful things you'll ever do. Get a taste of what you could discover from the Findmypast team.

Share stories with Findmypast

Where has your past taken you?

We love hearing about your family discoveries. Whether you've unlocked an incredible connection or have a renewed sense of self from what you've found with Findmypast, we want to hear about it. Drop us a line on [email protected] - your story could go even further than you think.