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Findmypast is the home of British and Irish family history records.

What is the 1921 Census?

The most extensive British census open to the public, this detailed snapshot of 38 million lives is only available online at Findmypast. We`re delighted to have been chosen by The National Archives to bring it to you.

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I’ve managed to trace back to the mid-1500s! I can’t believe it! Utterly engrossing and I have uncovered some quite moving and heartbreaking stories attached to various ancestors. You don’t need any qualifications to start - just time patience, and some information.

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The home of British and Irish family history

We're based in Britain and our whole team is devoted to helping you research your family's story. Our friendly Dundee-based customer support team, expert advice and Facebook community are all here to support you.

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Explore millions of digitised pages of newspapers and other publications from our British and Irish collections, dating as far back as the 1700s.

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Trace your family back in time and see what other Findmypast family historians in our genealogy community have discovered about your ancestors.

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