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Explore South American ancestry records online

Do you have Argentinian ancestry, Brazilian bloodlines or connections to Colombia? With millions of genealogy records and clever family-finding features, tracing your South American ancestors is easier with Findmypast. It all begins with your family tree.

ancestors from Argentina

Argentinian ancestry records

With a vast collection of baptism and marriage records dating back to the 15th century, Findmypast can help you uncover ancestors from Argentina and their amazing life stories. You'll also find British in Argentina 1914-1919, documenting the Great War years in the country.

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Bolivia genealogy records

Bolivian family records

Our baptism, marriage and death records from Bolivia date from 1560-1940 and can reveal important milestone information for your family tree. Where will your Bolivian past take you?

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Brazil ancestry

Brazil genealogy records

Baptism records 1688-1935. Marriage records 1730-1955. Death records 1750-1890. All these Brazilian family history resources are online and easy-to-search at Findmypast. Your amazing Brazilian past awaits. Come find it.

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South American records on Findmypast

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Search millions of online records to trace your South American family story.

Chilean genealogy

Chile family records

Spanning over 300 years of Chilean history, delve into millions of baptism, marriage and death records from the country of poets. These vital genealogy resources will help unlock important details for the Chile branches of your family tree.

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Colombia family records

Historical records from Colombia

Discover your family's history in the gateway to South America. At Findmypast, you can explore detailed baptism, marriage and death records from Colombia, covering three centuries of history, 1630-1960.

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Ecuador family records

Ecuador records online

Flesh out the Ecuadorian branches of your family tree with milestone baptism, marriage and death records, 1680-1930. These essential resources can help your piece together the bigger picture of your relatives' lives in Ecuador.

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Discovering your South American past is easy

Look what you could achieve in just a few minutes. As your family tree grows backwards and outwards, you'll make more amazing discoveries.

Paraguay ancestry records

Genealogy records from Paraguay

Does your family's heritage have roots in the heart of South America? Findmypast's baptism and marriage records from Paraguay (1800-1930) can help you add detail and context to the branches of your family tree.

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Peru ancestry records

Peru births, marriages and deaths

Our largest collection of South American family records comes from Peru. Delve into centuries of baptisms, marriages and deaths, as well as official civil registration records from Lima, the Peruvian capital.

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Uruguay family records

Uruguay record archives

Your family's incredible past in Uruguay is ready to find. Search baptism and marriage records (1750-1930) online at Findmypast to discover how this South American country has helped to shape your past, present and future.

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