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Explore unique vintage photos online

Thousands of old photos from World War 2 and beyond are now online, many for the very first time.

world war 2 soldiers

Vintage military photos

Remember, celebrate and discover family heroes with iconic stills of the Allied Forces. It's quick and easy to pinpoint a World War 2 soldier, sailor or submarine with our clever search tools.

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1940s photos

Photos from the Home Front

What was life like in the 1940s? Rarely-seen snaps capture civilian roles, food rationing and that famous 'keep calm and carry on' community spirit.

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WW2 Evacuees

World War 2 evacuee photos

Millions of women and children were evacuated from British towns and cities as war was declared. Photos taken at the time provide a glimpse into their remarkable stories.

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Snapshots in time, reframed.

1940s family photos

Milestone moments

Explore old family photos from baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Old school photos

Classrooms captured

Spot young relatives in thousands of old school photos.

WW2 factory

The daily grind

See unique portraits of the war effort and jobs generations ago.

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The pictures of your past

"With Findmypast, I discovered an amazing photograph of my great-great uncle. Mum and I knew he’d lost his life in the war but had never seen a photograph of him. It was so emotional when we finally saw him, staring back at us."


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The Findmypast Photo Collection - frequently asked questions

What is included in the Findmypast Photo Collection?

Most of the photos currently available help you reimagine the Second World War, with high-quality images of the Armed Forces, evacuation and the Home Front. There are also smaller collections depicting the history of everyday life – work, school, sports, family events and more. You'll find prints from Britain, North America and beyond.

Where do these vintage photos come from?

From a range of sources including UK publishers, Reach PLC and Library Archives Canada. Many of them have never been published online before and are only available at Findmypast. The collection will grow with more additions as time goes on.

How do I find old photos of my family?

Our search tools are cleverly designed to help you find photos quickly and easily. Just type in any information you already know and see what results come back. This handy guide on finding photos of your ancestors will help you go further.

I've found a photo I'm interested in. Now what?

If you haven't already, start building your family tree for free and add the snaps you've found to bring it to life. Then, branch out into billions of other family records to uncover rich stories in your past that have helped shape your present.