Broaden Your Search

If you are struggling to find any more details about people already on your family tree or indeed, in discovering any new avenues of research then the best thing to do is to broaden your search. And, handily, findmypast has many other collections that will help you do that. There are over 1.5 billion records to search on findmypast!

Here's a quick guide to other record sets that you might like to try:

Overseas and Military

The overseas and military records provide details of births, marriages and deaths of British citizens that have taken place abroad between 1761 and 2005.

The records are made up of three main types

Whether your relative was born in India, died in WWI or fought at the Battle of Waterloo, you can search for a record of them here.


Our Passenger Lists, available in partnership with The National Archives, hold the details of over 24 million passengers leaving the UK on long-haul voyages between 1890 and 1960.

You can use our Passenger Lists in combination with the Register of Passport Applications, and our other migration records, to learn more about the movements of your 19th and 20th century ancestors.

Occupations and Directories

Search through thousands of education, apprenticeship and work records for the period 1526 to 2010. When you search, your results will appear as a list of individual names making it easy to find who you're looking for. 

Our records cover many different avenues, from Manchester School Registers (1870-1924) to members of The Royal Household (1526-1924)

Wills and Divorces

Whether your ancestor was a servant girl or a Peer of the Realm, you have every chance of tracing your tree back in time via these documents. Although birth, marriage and death certificates tend to grab the headlines by way of official documents that give genealogists the most information, wills and divorce documents, though fewer in number, can be even more informative to the researcher and help to paint a picture of what life was like. Divorce, for example, was very much frowned upon and many families would not speak such actions and, in some cases, may even have ostricised those involved. 

Amongst our records you will find individuals from every walk of life, from every area of the UK and feature many of those who lived abroad too, including the Colonies. 

Hit a brick wall?

If you're still struggling with your research, then it is worth reading our experts' guide on what to do next. No matter how stuck you may think you are, there are always opportunities to research further, whether that is simply by reviewing the evidence you already have in your possession or via specialist record sets. And remember, you can always get help from the findmypast community on facebook - it's a place where you can ask questions, share your findings and offer help to fellow genealogists with all levels of expertise.