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Discover family heroes with military hints

Alex Cox Findmypast
Alex Cox
6 June 2018

Military hints provide clues to your family's service history. Here's how to make the most of them.

Do you have a war hero hidden in your family history? Build your family tree on Findmypast and you can take advantage of hints generated from millions of records covering more than 430 years of military history in Britain, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Grow your family tree

The military hints come from our unrivalled collection of service records covering all three branches of the British Armed Forces, US draft and enlistment records spanning both World Wars, Findmypast's exclusive Prisoner of War collection, documents from the US Civil and Revolutionary Wars, military pensions, medal indexes, casualty lists, muster rolls, and much more.

Creating and uploading a family tree on Findmypast is quick, easy and secure. As information is added, Findmypast does all the hard work for you by automatically sifting through millions of records to identify potential matches, which appear as hints.

Military records are vital genealogical resources. Military hints make it easier than ever to uncover detailed accounts of your ancestors' military service, including physical descriptions, details of decorations, promotions or awards received, where they were stationed, and even disciplinary and medical records. Many records also reveal important biographical details such as spouse's names, next of kin and addresses, while Findmypast's extensive collections of POW records, Casualty Lists and Honour Rolls will also help members commemorate the incredible sacrifices made by previous generations in defence of their country.

Our record hints are signified by small bubbles next to the people on your tree. When viewing your hints page, you'll see our military hints signified by purple icons. From there you can review, accept or reject your hints and update your tree accordingly.

Military hints are signified by purple icons

Military hints are signified by purple icons

Building a tree on Findmypast is the first step towards exploring a rich archive of billions of records from around the world, many of which aren't available anywhere else online. Findmypast trees also provide hints from the 1939 Register, births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, burials and census returns.