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2. Information we collect

A. Information we collect about you

When you register on our website or place an order, we collect your name and email address. This allows us to process your registration, fulfil your order and send you important service messages. When you first register or create a family tree, we ask for your date of birth and postcode. Providing this information is optional. Knowing your postcode and date of birth allows Findmypast to see how people of different ages and locations use our site. It also allows us to give you more relevant content.

Sometimes, we may ask you to provide other contact details, such as phone number or address, to carry out our surveys. You will always be given the option to withhold these contact details at the time you complete the survey.

We do collect some information from cookies, pixels and similar software which allows us to understand how you arrive on our websites, how you use and navigate around them, and how you interact with our email. This information is used to improve our services and communication. We obtain information about your location to give us insight on usage across different geographic areas.

We obtain some information from Google Analytics and Facebook. The Facebook information we obtain is limited to your email address and only that which you have previously agreed with Facebook that they can share.

We do collect the mobile device identifier (device ID) provided by your mobile device operating system from users of the Findmypast App. The device ID allows us to link your device to your account as well as to send you push notifications if you choose to have notifications from the Findmypast App.

In order to purchase a subscription or micropayment for Findmypast you must be over 18 years old. More information about our age restrictions can be found in our terms and conditions.

B. Information you provide to us

If you create a family tree or create content on our website, we also collect that information, which may include personal information about you and other people (for example, names and birthdays of people in your family). You should ensure, if you provide personal information about people in your family who are living and not deceased, that you have the consent from the relevant individual to include that personal information on the website.

We do not collect sensitive personal information (also known as ‘special categories of data’) about you except when you specifically knowingly provide it and have consented to this. Examples are adding your religious belief to a family tree. More details about the privacy of the family tree are available below.

C. Personal Photograph Submissions

Some Findmypast members may choose to submit a personal photograph to the Findmypast Photo Collection. During the submission process, we will ask you for some additional information such as the name of the person in the photo, the time and place it was taken and any further contextual detail. The amount of information you provide is up to you, but the more information we have the better the experience will be for others who discover the photograph. We will ask for:

  • Description of the photograph
  • Names of people who appear in the photo
  • Date and location of the event
  • Your name and email address

We collect this information on the lawful basis of consent.

How will you use the photograph and information provided during the submission process?

Your full name will appear on the photograph as the copyright holder. Your name and all provided contextual information will appear on the transcript of the photograph.

By contributing a photograph to Findmypast’s Photo Collection, you understand that the photograph and all provided contextual information will be available to all registered Findmypast members. Members will be able to view, download and save the image to the device they use to access Findmypast. They can also copy the information found in the transcript. The information provided within the transcripts is intended to be used by individuals for research but Findmypast is under no obligation to ensure that it is used for this purpose.

We may also use the photo and accompany details for the following:

  • to add it to Findmypast and make it available to all website users
  • to make it available on other websites owned or operated by Findmypast;
  • to allow other users to download, print and save copies of your content for their private and non-commercial use;
  • for promotional purposes, such as marketing and advertising;
  • to help us improve our product and service offerings;
  • to form part of the Findmypast database that we build linking user content to records and datasets we hold;
  • to make it available to internet search engines;
  • for other services provided by Findmypast companies.

i. Removal

If you feel at any time that you no longer want your image and contextual information to appear on Findmypast, please contact us at and we will be happy to delete it from the Photo Collection and our systems. However, please keep in mind that if other users have downloaded or saved the photo, they may still have a copy and we will be unable to identify or contact them. For more information regarding your individual privacy rights please consult section 13.

We also reserve the right to remove a photograph if we receive a complaint or a person challenges the ownership of the photograph.

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