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Piece together your past with detail-packed Lincolnshire records online

Did your Lincolnshire ancestors thrive or fall on hard times? Explore Lincolnshire parish registers, military records and more to uncover incredible family finds. Your Lincolnshire story starts with your family tree.

A look back at Lincolnshire history

Lincolnshire is England’s second largest county. The county town of Lincoln has its highest population and is home to the county council. Other major towns include Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Grantham, Cleethorpes and Spalding.

Lincolnshire had its share of settlers throughout history, including the Corieltauvi tribe, the Romans and Germanic speakers from continental Europe. Gainsborough was named the capital of England and Denmark by the Dane, Sweyn Forkbeard in 1013 but that title lasted just five weeks.  Lincoln Castle was the first Norman Castle to be built in England. 

While the county was primarily an agricultural area, 19th-century mechanisation led to the decline of farm work and several engineering companies developed. Lincolnshire also became a centre for the aviation industry. By the end of World War 2, it had 46 RAF bases, built in part due to the county’s proximity to Germany. The first military tanks originated in Lincoln. Lincolnshire has also long relied economically on the tourism it attracts to its coastal resorts.  

When it opened in 1981, Humber Bridge was the world's longest single-span road suspension bridge. It connects North Lincolnshire with the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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Discover new chapters of your family story in Lincolnshire records you won’t find anywhere else online.

Lincolnshire census: Vintage photo of two men on a bicycle

The 1921 Census

Look back on your Lincolnshire relatives as they were a century ago. Were they country folk or city dwellers? This post-war snapshot reveals all.

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Lincolnshire Catholic archives: A vintage photo of a Catholic church

The Catholic Heritage Archive

Do you have Catholic connections in Lincolnshire? Explore hundreds of years of church records from Nottingham Diocese to find out.

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Lincolnshire parish records: An old photo of a mother and baby

Parish baptism records

In partnership with Lincolnshire Family History Society, we've brought hundreds of thousands of local parish baptism records online for the first time.

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“Recently, I was researching families in Lincolnshire. Findmypast gave me access to original parish record images I couldn’t find anywhere else. Plus, they had access to birth, marriage and burial events going back further in time. This vital information proved key to unlocking some long-standing mysteries in my family tree.”

Dave Eagles

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From their formative school days to their workhouse woes, trace your ancestors’ incredible experiences in our vast and varied Lincolnshire family history records collection.

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